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Amy Parrish

Board Member

Acting Marketing Director of Rapha Clinic

Amy Woodward Parrish is the managing partner and chief marketing officer for Rhythm Communications. She brings a diverse 30+ year career in public relations, marketing, technology, and journalism to the team. In her current role, Parrish leads the management team and operations, as well as the firm’s creative concepting for campaigns and marketing plan development for clients. Under her guidance, the Rhythm Communications team supports national and international clients in both the ‘Business-to-Consumer’ and ‘Business-to-Business’ arenas with both for-profit and nonprofit clients. The firm's primary areas of expertise and years of marketing experience are in the entertainment, healthcare, education, and technology industries.


Amy sold her first agency, GLUE Communications, in the internet heyday for twice its value. She also led an international team at Grey Global and founded and sold the agency CO&P Integrated Marketing. Her career began as a television journalist for NBC News. Amy earned a Bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Georgia. She is the proud wife of William E. Parrish, MD of Tanner Medical Group, Tanner Health System and mother to Eli Parrish, Emory University Honors Graduate who is a Conductor, Composer and Clarinetist.  Amy is on the Tanner Foundation Board of Trustees, the University of West Georgia Advisory Board for School Communication, Film and Media, active in First Baptist Church of Bremen (assists in teaching a couple’s class), has served on the board of Rapha Clinic for nine years and active in a variety of non-profit initiatives and fundraisers in West Georgia.

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