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December 2021 Newsletter - Happy New Year!

At the Rapha Clinic of West Georgia, we are thankful for each of you this holiday season! Our mission of neighbors helping neighbors continues on and we have a lot to look forward to in 2022. The team’s goal is to increase the number of patients we are able to serve in 2022, but to reach our goals we need your help! The Rapha Clinic is devoted to spreading the love of Christ through medical care for uninsured West Georgians. Rapha provides medical and dental care, along with mammograms, Healthy Lifestyle classes, gynecological exams, and cardiac stress testing. Through a Prescription Assistance Program, Rapha also helps patients receive most of their medications for free. Please consider supporting us through your end of year giving and remember that we are a 501c3 non-profit organization! Your generous donations allow us to continue serving our community and the surrounding areas with the best medical and dental care we can provide. You can donate to the Rapha Clinic through Give Lively, GA Gives, our social media platforms and our website. Sending our love and prayers, The Rapha Clinic Family

For the full newsletter, please use the following link:


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