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March 2022 Newsletter: Happy Easter!

The Power Of The Resurrection (John 20:1-8)

Shared by Bishop Samuel Sauls

When we look closely into John's account of the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we can experience the overwhelming excitement of the Resurrection miracle that is the absolute truth and proof that Jesus Christ is not like any other ordinary man. He is indeed The Son of God.

The Resurrection is an essential part of the Gospel message (1Cor. 15:1-8) and a key doctrine in the Christian faith. It proves that Jesus Christ is The Son of God (Acts 2:32-36 ; Rom. 1:4) and His anointing work on the cross has been finished (completed) and is effective even today (Rom. 4:24-25). The empty cross and the empty tomb are God's "receipts" telling us that the debt has been paid in FULL. Jesus Christ is not only Savior, but He is also Sanctifier ( Rom. 6:4-10) and The Intercessor (Rom.8:34). One day He will return as Judge (Actc 17:30-31).

Sending our love and prayers,

The Rapha Clinic Family

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