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September Newsletter


The Rapha Clinic wants to thank everyone who attended, sponsored and donated to our 9th Annual Sound of Medicine event. This year was a huge success! We raised over $52,000 for the overall event and went over our projected goal by $1,000 for our Silent Auction. This was a massive accomplishment and I want to thank everyone who donated items, purchased items and helped the team put the auction together. We heard nothing but compliments the night of the event. 

At the end of September we also had our 'Self Defense with Sabrina' fundraiser (pics below!) class taught by the talented Sabina Kheder which raised $935! The Rapha Clinic wants to thank Sabrina and her family at Champion Karate & Fitness for doing such an amazing job and putting together a wonderful event in support of the clinic. We also want to thank everyone who donated and attended the event. Rapha is so blessed to have such a supportive community that believes in our mission. 

One of the goals for this year is to participate in more local events. If you or someone you know is hosting an event that might be suitable for the Rapha Clinic and our mission, please reach out to us!

For the month of October, we want to encourage everyone to keep us in your minds when making your end of the month financial contributions. With your generous support we are able to keep total focus on our mission and continue to help and serve the people in our community that are in dire need of medical and dental attention. Thank you so much and enjoy the fall weather! 

- Patrick Calvillo, Development Director



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