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April 2022 Newsletter: Honoring Memorial Day

My parents came from humble beginnings where they worked on their family farms, then met, married, and eventually started a family; and like many families in America today, my parents also divorced when I was young. Circumstances, both good and bad, happen to all of us, and for some folks, more bad than good seems to happen. For some of us, we weather the storms of life with only a few scrapes, bruises, and a much-humbled ego. But for some, circumstances are life altering. Some of life’s ‘bad’ circumstances are the result of poor choices. Some choices are our own decisions and some are from the poor choices of others, including our spouse or even our parents.

So, for people who have had a life of difficulties, unfortunate setbacks, less than desirable consequences from poor decisions, or as some say, ‘a run of bad luck,’ where do they turn?

The Rapha Clinic of West Georgia is a clinic serving those in the community who generally cannot afford medical treatment or dental services. We are talking the basics from monitoring hypertension to a routine teeth cleaning. The Rapha Clinic operates with a small number of paid employees along with volunteer doctors, nurses, and individuals who want to make a difference in the community. Without these volunteers, the Rapha Clinic would not be able to serve the hundreds of patients who visit the Rapha Clinic every month. Without the generous support of businesses, churches, and giving individuals, the Rapha Clinic would not be open to serve those most in need.

Sending our love and prayers,

The Rapha Clinic Family

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