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July & August Newsletter

Serving through Rapha's Mission

By Board Member Lillian O'Neal

As a registered nurse, I often think about serving the West Georgia community through different avenues of healthcare and taking advantage of the opportunities given to serve each other. One of our purposes here on Earth is to make a contribution to the welfare of others. This can be through sweet words of encouragement, a joyful conversation, a warm loving touch, or a listening ear. All provide some healing medicine to uplift a broken spirit in addition to other medical needs.

Our goal here at Rapha Clinic of West Georgia is to serve the medical needs of all people in our community as taught by the Master Healer, Jesus Christ, and our mission is to deliver high quality medical and dental treatment with a caring spirit to the uninsured; empowering self-respect, autonomy, and responsibility for making positive changes through Christ. The word RAPHA is often mentioned in the Bible many times with prophetic powerful meanings, such as: a healer, to restore, to repair, or to make whole. Galatians 5:13 simply states these beautiful instructions for us all. "For you were called to be free, my brothers and sisters of the faith to not use this opportunity to serve for selfish gains, but to serve one another in Love."

We can all make a difference in improving our mind, body, and spirit by changing our approach to life’s responsibilities and its challenges. For example, when you go to work tomorrow, think of it as an opportunity to serve and watch the transformation take place not only in your life, but also in the lives of others. Again, the key is to operate in Love.

With Rapha Clinic’s approach in serving the medical needs in our community, and by following the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth which can be found in 2 Chronicles 7:14, Jehovah Rapha will heal our land.

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